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SP4 - Ultra-slim T4 - 2-Wire fluorescent strips

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SUPER SLEEK 2-Wire T4 ... Slim & Efficient

SP-T4 series -- The slimmest T4 fixtures. Specification grade durable aluminum housings with ribbed acrylic lamp cover. Manufactured by Jesco Lighting Group SUPER SLEEK PLUS T4 is the shape of things to come. Streamlined and Functional, powered by a built in electronic ballast for instant on, no flicker, silent operation. Only 3/4" width by 1 1/4" height, SUPER SLEEK T4 is perfect for end-to-end coupling of multiple fixtures. 2-Wire non-grounded system throughout makes this the slimmest undercabinet/display lighting fixture available. Seven different fixture lengths from 9 3/8" to 46 1/4" make the SUPER SLEEK PLUS T4 series ideal for any project. All fixtures are furnished complete with replaceable lamp, tight-fit direct connectors, metal mounting clips and ribbed acrylic lamp cover. There are NO EXPOSED WIRES. Mounts easily using the included screw-in clips, then snap into place. Electrical connection is as simple as using a 6-foot power cord or choose from two different Hard Wire Boxes. All fixtures are UL Listed.

SUPER SLEEK's are linkable - link assorted sizes up 350 watts.
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