Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are not only great lighting ideas, but they also add an artistic splash of beauty to your home. Sconces can be used as aesthetically pleasing placements of wall art as well as for casting playful shadows across walls, furniture and room decorations. Adding a dimmer switch increases the effect of varying moods according to your taste.

Due to their popularity, wall sconces can now be found in practically every conceivable style, finish and material, so finding the sconces that fit right in with your particular home décor is a breeze.

Sconces are made ranging from sleek modern to rustic traditional designs. There has even been an increase in creating trendy metal sconces which come painted or possess pewter, bronze, or nickel finishes due to demand. The light shades also offer a variety of selections. Colorful glass, fabrics and other eye-catching materials are available to grace your home.

Adding sconces to your home is also a great way to add extra light while saving space. Since sconces attach to the wall, tables are not needed and floor space isn’t taken up. Since they normally come in pairs, they can be attractive flanking additions to entry ways, mirrors, large paintings, bed headboards and fireplaces. Numerous sconces can be decoratively run up the wall of a staircase, placed in patterns over sofas or strategically arranged around a dining area.

Wall Sconce Selection Tips

Since such a large variety of wall sconce designs exist, it can be mind boggling to try and select the right ones for your living spaces. To help with this dilemma, we offer the following tips for choosing the right sconces for your home.

Scan the Area – Before you start shopping, you should first gain a good idea of what you want to accomplish in the desired space. Take a long look at the area and take notes on what color, style and material you want to use.

Coordinate – It’s important to coordinate your sconce design with other outstanding patterns in the room. For example, if they are to be used to accent an antique mirror, try to closely match the pattern of the frame with the sconces.

Proper Height – Proper placement of wall sconces is critical and should be taken into consideration when planning placement areas. In a normal room, sconces should be placed at about 5’6” from the floor. If the room is taller, you may want to increase the height of sconce mounts as well to balance the distance.

Consider Installation – You should also survey the area for electrical sources. Sconces that are hard wired into the electrical system are much more appealing that those which plug into a socket and leave an unsightly cord trailing down your wall. Consider where your electrical wiring runs and how difficult it will be to have the new wall sconce fixtures installed. If you’re building a home, wiring plans should be made prior to installation.

Take Your Time and Shop Around – Don’t grab the first sconce fixture you find. Shop around and examine both quality and price. Look over pieces you’re interested in and examine their quality, finish and other details.

Sufficient Light Source – Sconces are normally used to add ambient, complementing light to existing fixtures such as lamps, track lights, recessed units, etc. However, they are sometimes used as the major source of light in places such as hallways or small rooms. If you plan on using your sconces as the main light source, you should ensure they can accommodate at least a 75 watt bulb and have a good shade or other shielding.

Now that you’re armed with some good pointers for choosing the right wall sconces, have fun shopping and adding beautiful sconce lighting fixtures to your home for a cozier and more elegant look.

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