Improve Bathroom Lighting With These Helpful Tips

When it comes to adequately lighting a room, there are basically three types of lighting which can be used. General lighting provides a blanket layer of light throughout the room and generally comes from a central, overhead lighting source. Accent lighting comes from fixtures used to highlight certain items or spaces, or to add a decorative lighting touch to the room. Task lighting is provided by fixtures which beam direct, high-quality light onto a workspace where tasks are carried out.

Although the lighting sources for bathrooms can come from all three types of lighting layers, task lighting is the one which is the most important. This is due to the fact that the bathroom is used for meticulous grooming such as bathing, shaving, plucking and applying. Therefore, direct adequate light to accomplish these tasks is essential in any bathroom.

Following are some helpful tips that will assist you with increasing the task lighting in your bathroom so you can come out looking your best.

Tip #1 – Since most of our grooming is done in front of the bathroom mirror, it is recommended to locate task lighting fixtures on both sides and even over top of the mirror. Because faces are round and contoured, they can be easily obscured by shadows when using a single light source. By providing light on both sides and above, the total face is exposed for proper grooming.

Tip #2 – When deciding on which light fixtures to use around your bathroom vanity, keep in mind that neodymium incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs are the best light sources to use. Both provide adequate brightness, reveal true color and can be used on dimmers for better control of light output. Dimmers are recommended for use with bathroom lighting. In order to ensure the correct bathroom task lighting, start with very bright light and reduce with a dimmer switch to the desired brightness.

Tip #3 – It’s actually best to install an additional small vanity mirror which is concave and includes sufficient light close to your main mirror. The concave design magnifies your face and the bright light ensures you can see your face clearly for performing detailed tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

Tip #4 – You should not use recessed lights in your bathroom ceiling for task lighting around a mirror. Downlight will create a great deal of shadowing on your face which makes it difficult to groom. However, recessed downlights are excellent fixtures to use over a tub, shower stall, or Jacuzzi.

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