Illuminating Texture is the Idea behind a Rustic Retreat

Rustic Defined

Rustic home design has become a popular trend over the years with many people indulging in this pleasant style. The appeal of rustic furnishings is that it brings a little nature into the home, creating a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Natural items such as stones, water fountains, woods, animal skins, rugged metals and so forth are the focal elements of the rustic home.

Although rustic used to mean old, rough and cheap, the style has gone through a transformation over the years to include items which are polished, trendy and more costly while still maintaining the desired charm of the rustic design.

Using Light to Make Your Rustic Room Rich & Ravishing

The main attraction of rustic furnishings is the rough, rich textures and earth tones of the natural materials used. Since light is what allows us to see both color and texture, well placed sources of illumination need to be applied to make your rustic areas stand out.

However, in keeping with the natural atmosphere, light sources should not overwhelm areas, but should instead provide a soft, natural glow with splashes of light which fall upon specific items and spaces to give the appearance of sunlight falling gracefully through a wooded forest.

Natural light from large unobstructed windows and skylights is a plus in rustic design. However, when natural light is limited, or for nighttime, consider placing several Verilux Full Spectrum lighting floor and table lamps in the room.
Richly textured furnishings such as willow chairs, rough cut oak tables, cabinets and curios, copper and wooden bowls, rock water fountains, polished creek stones, wicker baskets, wool throws, etc are all enhanced by various modes of lighting.

Recessed puck lights
are excellent fixtures to use in a rustic setting because they are not seen and provide that “splash of light through the trees” effect. Install tilting models in order to angle the light and use them to bathe beautiful objects or features in the room.

Use floor mounted spotlights to wash a heavily textured wall, or rock water fountain, in light. Place a Torchiere lamp in a corner to splash light onto an open beam ceiling and place low-voltage LEDs in table lamps to offer a soft, accented glow around specific spaces.

By using light to create as natural a setting as possible, your richly textured rustic room can come alive to give the feeling of a cozy cottage tucked away deep in a canopied forest.

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