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Illuminating Texture is the Idea behind a Rustic Retreat

Rustic Defined Rustic home design has become a popular trend over the years with many people indulging in this pleasant style. The appeal of rustic furnishings is that it brings a little nature into the home, creating a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Natural items such as stones, water fountains, woods, animal skins, rugged metals and […]

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Decorating Your Traditional Setting with Light

We’re going to side track from specific room lighting and explore several popular decorating styles. Since lighting plays such an important part of creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, we will look at how to use lighting effectively to bring out the best in these particular styles. We’ll start out by looking at traditional home decorating and how to apply lighting to enhance that style…

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Specialty Lighting for Living Room Areas

The living room is often used as a recreation area, a relaxation area and an entertainment area. Because of these various features, many living rooms require specialty lighting which will effectively illuminate specific spaces for specific purposes.

Also, light serves several functions. Besides providing illumination so that we can see our way around a space, light also enhances the characteristics of its surroundings, creates various moods and helps us accomplish tasks more easily…

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Lighting Ideas for a Warm & Inviting Living Room

Let’s move into the living room now and delve into some warm and wonderful lighting ideas. The living room is a place of gathering and relaxing, so you want its ambiance to be both inviting and versatile in order to meet the needs of various activities…

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More Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen Island

Ok. You’ve got your new overhead light fixture up and your kitchen island now sits beautifully under its radiating glow. Although this helps to illuminate and highlight the center island, there are still some creative ways to add more pleasant touches that strike even greater oohs and aahs from visitors and keep family members happily nestled in the area…

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