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SGA - LED - Ultra-slim LED strip - 4 lengths

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SGA-LED - SLEEK ULTRA LED Grounded... with an adjustable shield and rocker switch included

The SGA-LED Sleek Ultra adds a 360 degree adjustable shield to the Sleek LED series. This allows for more control over light direction and coverage. The SGA series is part of the next generation of Jesco's award winning, linkable Sleek Plus™ series. Using the same miniature profile and minimal footprint of their market leading mini fluorescent Sleek fixture, they engineered these fixtures to incorporate the latest in LED technology. The SGA-LED uses the same direct- and cable-connectors making the plug and play installation quick and easy as well as making retrofitting/upgrading from fluorescent simple. Using the provided direct connector allows for end-to-end placement, reducing shadowing and allowing the light to be continuous. The fixed or adjustable white opal cover encloses the ultra bright LEDs, provides for an even glow exiting the fixture and eliminates unwanted "point of light" visibility. JESCO continues to be a pioneer in the use of LEDs which are environmentally friendly with no Mercury and no UV or IR emission. Our LEDs have an average rated life of 50,000 hours or 17 years if lit 8 hours/day. This is a line voltage fixture that can be connected for runs of up to 80 linear feet. Both fixture styles provided with (1) Direct Connector (SG-DC) and (2) Vertical Mounting Clips (SG-MC-V) while the SG-LED also includes (2) 45° Angled Mounting Clips (SG-MC-45).

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