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LED Tape Kits - Warm White - Available is 3 lengths

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Product Details
The art of flexibility is perfectly demonstrated with our LED Tape lighting solutions. An excellent choice for a variety of applications such as bedrooms, kitchens and workspaces

Key Features

  • Over 50,000 hours of service life
  • Warm white light (2700K)
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Superior LED performance and lifespan
  • Minimal heat emission
  • LEDTAPE-KIT-1M (39") - 7W
  • LEDTAPE-KIT-3M (118") - 18W
  • LEDTAPE-KIT-5M (196") - 24W
  • 12V DC—LED plug-in driver included
  • On / Off switch
  • Can be cut at every cut mark (4in.)
  • Intended for surface mounting only in any direction
  • Very low profile and 3M® adhesive make it very easy to install in usually inaccessible places
  • Multiple LED tapes can be linked together
  • 6 m maximum run recommended

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