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LED SEAMLESS Linkable S700 System

THE S700 SEAMLESS system is our manufacturing partner, JESCO Lighting’s premier LED linear fixture. Each fixture is linkable end-to-end with no dark spots, even at the link points. Lit corner connectors available in L, T, and X styles as well as inside- and outside-facing. Uniform light output. SEAMLESS allows for intricate and complex layouts free from any break in the flow of light. Available in seven standard lengths and four CCT options. Mounted using integral magnets at the back of every fixture. Snap-in, fixed mounting brackets (provided) and 45-degree mounting clips are also available for non-metallic surfaces. The fixture can also be mounted onto non-metallic surfaces with optional metal tabs (sold separately). Tabs are provided with double-sided adhesive on one side and must be aligned with the magnet locations on the back of the fixture. No drilling is required.


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