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Get Started!

We at Brodwax believe that Jesco Lightings SEAMLESS LED Linkable S700 system may be the most innovative lighting system since the Edison Bulb! We think you will agree once you see it in action!

We have set up the ordering process in steps, however, before you start, we suggest the following:

1 -- Watch the Video ... really, don't do anything until you've done this!!

2 -- Go to the "Helpful Documents" section, download and read the FAQ and the INSTALL SHEET. Download the Spec Sheet and Catalog to help you place your order.

3 -- Now spend some time designing the layout for your Seamless System. Look through all the steps on our site to become familiar with the ordering process and the parts you will need, from the lights to the drivers (transformer / power supply) to the accessories.

4 -- Decide if you are going to want to dim your system. This can be done using our in-line S700 dimmer without a dimming driver, however, if, for example, you will be lighting your ceiling, you won't want the dimmer up where it can't be reached! In a case like that, you will need to use a dimmable driver and Triac type dimmer switch.

5 -- As you will likely have questions, please write them all down and email them to

6 -- Once you know what you want, come back to our site and go through the steps to place your order.

7 -- That's It!! Hopefully you will enjoy watching the video and it will peak your interest in designing the lighting system of your dreams :)

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