T8 Ballasts - Why Make the Switch?
Here is some useful information from Madison Gas & Electric in Madison, Wisconsin on the benefits of T-8 electronic ballast & lamp technology verses standard T12 magnetic.
T8 Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Ballasts

Fluorescent Lighting Calculator
Use this link to get an estimate on just how much money you can save by switching out just a few of those standard incandescent bulbs around your house or office. The calculator is easy to use and fun, try it out!
Fluorescent Lighting Calculator

How Stuff Works
Are you the curious type? Like to know how things work? You can find out how fluorescent lighting works here: How Fluorescent Lamps Work - Or find out why fluorescent lighting really is your most energy efficient source here - Is Fluorescent Lighting More Efficient? The real curious minded can purchase the complete "How Stuff Works" CD by clicking below.


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