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Line Voltage Fixtures

Line voltage lamps are ideal for a variety of standard applications, including hotel lobbies, stores with higher celings, restaurants, office meeting rooms, and public spaces at airports and shopping malls.
The Mini Deco Series offers a variety of new line voltage MR16 with GU10 bases, eliminating the need for an electronic transformer, making these the smallest line voltage fixtures in the market. Most importantly, these new lamps alow the use of economical, standard incandescent dimmers - perfect for use in restaurants and bars, and in the main lobbies of hotels where dimming is crucial to creating a perfect visual environment.
Jesco's Classic Series is a complete selection of the best design styles for economical incandescent track lighting. These products are excellent for site renovations where preinstalled existing track runs can be used as is, with Jesco's fixtures being specified to retrofit most existing track systems. Jesco offers the owner and designer real solutions to everyday needs for quality track lighting.
Classic Series  HV220
Classic Series - HV220
Sale! $13.50
Classic Series  HV230
Classic Series - HV230
Sale! $16.50
Classic Series  HV238
Classic Series - HV238
Sale! $16.50
Classic Series  HV37
Classic Series - HV37
Sale! $13.50
Classic Series  HV38
Classic Series - HV38
Sale! $14.95
Classic Series  HV607
Classic Series - HV607
Sale! $11.95
Classic Series  HV617
Classic Series - HV617
Sale! $13.50
Classic Series  HV620
Classic Series - HV620
Sale! $13.50
Classic Series  HV630
Classic Series - HV630
Sale! $13.50
Classic Series  HV650
Classic Series - HV650
Sale! $11.95
Classic Series  HV99
Classic Series - HV99
Sale! $10.50
Mini Deco Series  HV127
Mini Deco Series - HV127
Sale! $25.50
Mini Deco Series  HV240
Mini Deco Series - HV240
Sale! $29.95
Mini Deco Series  HV330
Mini Deco Series - HV330
Sale! $22.50
Mini Deco Series  HV338
Mini Deco Series - HV338
Sale! $23.95
Mini Deco Series  HV430
Mini Deco Series - HV430
Sale! $23.95
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