Illuminate Bedroom Work and Leisure with Task Lighting

Once ambient lighting has been established for the bedroom, the next step is to determine areas which require task lighting. Task lighting provides more direct light to an area that is being utilized for reading, sewing, or other forms of close work in order to better illuminate the task and to help reduce eye strain.

Various light fixtures can be used for meeting task lighting needs depending on what you’re activity is. For instance, if you are using the bedroom as an office space containing a desk, you can use a small desk lamp, floor lamp, or even recessed lighting fixtures above the work space for proper illumination. A floor lamp beside, or recessed light above, an armchair would make for a comfortable oasis to read or relax while watching TV before bed.

Bedside Lighting

Normally, table lamps set beside the bed are utilized for nighttime reading or lounging. These are best used with low voltage bulbs in order to provide sufficient light while still maintaining a relaxing glow needed in preparation for sleep.

However, if sleeping with a partner, you might consider utilizing a wall mounted light with an extension arm and baffle to diffuse the light. Such a fixture will allow movement to exactly where you want it and prevent excess light from disturbing your partner.

For someone sleeping singly, an under cabinet light attached to the underside of the headboard book cove is another option. These work well for children as they are easily accessible to turn on and off.

Grooming and Dressing

Since the bedroom is used frequently for grooming and dressing, good task lighting should be installed to meet this need. Vanities often come equipped with open light bulbs surrounding a mirror in order to eliminate any shadowing. However, if you are using a dressing table or other furnishing to groom then you may need to add lighting fixtures which will appropriately illuminate your face and body.

Keep in mind that you want the light directed at you and not towards a mirror which can cause troublesome reflective light. Also, use warmer bulbs to increase your skin tone and cooler bulbs to provide a more sun-like illumination.

Illuminating Closets

A good light is required in closets as well in order to see and choose colors and items which are desired. Overhead fixtures work best in closets so choose either a flat overhead light which provides a wide illumination for the entire space, or recessed fixtures which can be strategically placed to provide light to areas which need it the most. Also, a brighter bulb should be used in the closet than in the rest of the bedroom in order to provide ample light to a dark area that gets light from no other source.

When adding task lighting, be sure to carefully consider where that light needs to be focused in order to comfortably carry out and complete your activities.

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