Even More Living Room Lighting Tips

Decorating with light is a lot of fun and is much like painting with a variety of different colors. As you contemplate different ideas to renew the look and feel of your living room, consider these additional lighting tips. Keep in mind that a living room is generally a place where various activities are carried out, therefore different lighting structures are required to meet those demanding needs.

•    Mix Light – Combine various lighting sources, such as fluorescent with halogen, or Xenon with LED, to create different lighting shades and intensities. Doing this will distribute light more evenly throughout the space. Another mix tip: If you use recessed, spot or track lights along the ceiling, you will need to balance them out with eye level light sources.

•    Position floor and table lamps in dark areas. Placing such light sources behind a coach or television will not only add interest to a room, but will provide needed task lighting and reduce eyestrain.

•    Lower the Light – Placing lamps at lower levels around a living room creates a relaxed feeling and invites guests to sit down and enjoy the area.

•    Take a Break – Utilize small lamps, low voltage lights, LED strip lights and undercabinet lighting throughout the room. When you want to set a quiet mood, turn these on and the larger, brighter lights off.

•    Redirect the Light – Reflecting light off the ceiling, walls and floors will create a unique glow in the room that is not harsh on the eyes. It’s best to use white light bulbs which tend to hide flaws better and provide a warmer atmosphere.

•    Dim the Light – I can’t harp enough on the benefits of dimmer switches. They give a huge amount of control for creating various moods without using excessive light fixtures and bulbs.

Mixing and matching the plethora of lighting options available in today’s home lighting market allows you to create practically any atmosphere in your living room.

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