Determining Overall Bedroom Lighting Requirements

As we saw in the last post, there are many more possibilities for lighting requirements in a bedroom than a simple overhead fixture and a couple of table lamps set on either side of the bed. The bedroom can be an area for multiple activities and properly lighting this space for these activities can be just as diverse as the activities themselves.

Before we get into the details of the individual activities and how to properly provide illumination for them, we need to determine a couple of things first.

The Bedroom Layout

Don’t just jump in and begin sticking additional light fixtures in empty bedroom spaces. There is an art for creative and correct lighting which requires us to do a bit of homework, like determining how your bedroom is laid out.

A bedroom with alcoves will be lit differently than a square bedroom. Light travels in a straight line so areas that are out of the light source’s reach will be shadowed and cause problems. Also, larger bedrooms will have different lighting requirements than smaller ones.

The height of a bedroom plays another key role in proper lighting. Standard bedrooms have 8 or 9 foot ceilings, but some unusual designs or older homes can have much higher (and sometimes lower) ceilings which will affect the way light is distributed.

You should also make note of where electrical outlets are located and how many you have. Too few outlets, or outlets in unusual places, can hinder what kinds of fixtures are used and where they’ll be installed.

If your bedroom is odd in its design and you have doubts about how to light it properly, draw a diagram with all this information marked on it and take it to a specialized lighting center where an expert can assist you with proper lighting techniques.

Bedroom Activities

Carefully consider all current and potential activities which the bedroom is, or could be, used for. Various activities will have different lighting requirements which will determine what kinds of lighting fixtures are needed as well as the types of bulbs used.

What kind of bedroom are you planning to supply light to? Properly lighting a master bedroom, guest bedroom, or children’s bedroom can also have different lighting needs so this must be considered as well.

Once you have noted all of this information, you are ready to look at the various lighting options which are available for properly illuminating a bedroom.

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