Decorating Your Traditional Setting with Light

We’re going to side track from specific room lighting and explore several popular decorating styles. Since lighting plays such an important part of creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, we will look at how to use lighting effectively to bring out the best in these particular styles. We’ll start out by looking at traditional home decorating and how to apply lighting to enhance that style.

Traditional Defined

A traditional style uses classic designs from various elements to create a comfortable and casual atmosphere. Traditional decorations are predictable and orderly, not chaotic or wild as in some other types of design styles.

Furnishings can come from various periods, but are balanced and well matched. Antiques or classical furnishings can easily be used with modern, traditional styles as long as they complement one another well.

Decorating Traditional Styles with Light

Traditional homes are the easiest to decorate with light because you can utilize so many variations of light and lighting fixtures. As long as the fixtures blend in nicely with the other furnishings, and the light used is layered properly to meet the three basic lighting elements, ambient, task and accent, then the sky is basically the limit.

There are several main goals for lighting a traditional home. First, you want to properly balance the room with light. Depending on your room design and needs, mix various lighting sources to achieve a good balance of light.

Generally, a central source of light is used such as a chandelier or surface mount unit, but track lights are becoming popular choices as they can be moved and angled to meet various lighting needs. Add table and free standing lamps, wall sconces, recessed puck lights, or whatever is needed to provide a good balance of illumination.

Second, you want to pay special attention to directing light to task areas, dark spaces, treasured items and unique objects or furnishings. Again, track lights work well for this as well as providing a good ambient light. Puck lights or spot lights also are beneficial for such goals. Low voltage LED strips are good choices for areas where a lot of light isn’t required such as hallways, stairways, or large closets.

When it comes to properly and attractively decorating a traditional style home with light, simply make sure the fixtures blend in nicely with the rest of the décor, the light is well balanced and specific areas are lit sufficiently. In doing these things, you can create a beautiful traditional atmosphere which should be enjoyed by all who enter.

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