Creative Lighting for Native World Rooms

The Southwestern style of home décor is very popular. However, with today’s intertwining of world cultures, other native based decorating styles have risen in popularity. The exotic decoration features of African tribal décor as well as the South American cultural styles of the Aztec, Maya and Inca are similar to the Southwestern Native American décor and can be integrated well.

These styles have not only risen in popularity because they help to take us back to an Earth-based form of living, but the furnishings of these earthy cultural designs are mixed with bright colors and interesting, geometrical shapes. Such décor provides us with a sense of our tribal roots while lifting our spirits with natural, colorful patterns and textures.

Techniques for Lighting Your Cultural Décor

Lighting techniques for culturally decorated rooms is similar to the rustic style in that light is used to create an outdoors, back-to-nature atmosphere and to highlight the natural elements within the room. However, there are some distinct differences as well.

Although earth tones are used in cultural design, such as pottery, stones, wood, etc, native embellishments include textiles, artwork, ancient tools, musical instruments and weapons, etc which add vibrant colors and interesting textures to the mix. Since light is the element which enhances such characteristics, lighting fixtures should be placed at various strategic locations and angles to accentuate these assets.

Ambient lighting for tribal styles should be kept low with more attention being placed on highlighting the special decorative elements within the space. Floor and ceiling mounted spotlights, recessed puck lights and track lighting systems all work very well at providing sufficient ambient illumination while directing more feature lighting to specific decorations and furnishings.

LED and CFLs (compact fluorescent light) bulbs are good choices for table and floor lamps. To provide your culturally decorated space with a true daylight effect, consider placing a couple of lamps equipped with Verilux full spectrum light in the room. Torchiere lamps also offer wonderful splashes of light onto the ceiling which is a good effect for cultural designs that often include open-beam ceilings.

Whether you choose to decorate your home in Southwestern, African or Aztec Indian, or a combination of them all, proper lighting can make your tribal abode come alive with beauty, charm and comfort.

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