Creating Welcoming Foyers and Entranceways with Light

Light bathes your home in brilliance, enhances its features and draws attention to your precious treasures. However, before guests have a chance to see the interior of your precious abode, they must first encounter the entranceway or foyer upon entering from the outside world.

Quite often the foyer and other entranceways are ignored when it comes to lighting. Generally, a bright overhead light is installed in an entranceway and that’s that. A bright entrance light can be shocking to those entering from a dark outside.

On the contrary, special attention should be given to these areas due to the fact that they give visitors the first impression of your home, and we all know the importance of first impressions. If a guest’s first impression is loud, shocking, or even ghastly, this image will remain in the back of their mind regardless of the beautiful light design throughout the remainder of the home.

Correctly Lighting the Foyer or Entranceway

Although very little time is spent in the foyer or entranceway, careful planning should go into the lighting of this area. Family, friends and first time guests should be made to feel warm, welcome and invited upon entering your home.

Also, your individual personality should be conveyed through the design of the entranceway so that people will get a taste of ‘you’ just by entering your abode. This helps to make visitors comfortable since they feel like they know you and are a part of your life from that first entranceway impression.

Light layering is just as important in foyers and entranceways. Use combinations of light fixtures to build a warm ambiance in these areas. Overhead light fixtures in their various forms are fine, but use low wattage bulbs so the light isn’t intense. Low watt bulbs combined with a couple other lighting sources provide sufficient illumination for a foyer or entranceway space.

Table or floor lamps are also a good choice for these spaces. Set poetically on a beautiful table, or set by a vibrant potted plant, table and floor lamps add character as well as warmth to the area. Wall sconces, too, make excellent choices for entranceways. Use a pair on either side of a long mirror so that those entering can primp and groom a bit before meeting the rest of the household and you have a winning situation!

Angling light towards a colorful wall, cheerful painting, or flowering house plant is another idea for the foyer. Accomplish this through recessed lighting fixtures which are designed to swivel.

Regardless of your individual decorating taste, utilizing these helpful foyer and entranceway lighting tips can ensure your guests feel welcome and invited when they first step through your doorway.

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