Considering a Bedroom’s Ambient Lighting

We have looked at how a bedroom is often used for numerous activities besides sleeping such as romance, dressing and grooming, relaxing, reading and even working. Due to its diversity, the bedroom requires various sources of light.

Proper bedroom lighting is particularly important because most activities carried out in the bedroom are done during dark hours and require sufficient artificial light. Adequate lighting can help reduce eye strain and maintain a good mood.

Providing Proper Ambient Lighting

When planning proper lighting for any room, always begin with the ambient or general lighting fixtures. Ambient light is likened to the base or background color of an artist’s canvas. It sets the mood for the detailed work which follows.

Quite often, overhead light fixtures provide a room’s general lighting needs. However, the bedroom is a bit different in that various activities are carried out while lying in bed and a centrally placed overhead fixture can be too bright for the eyes.

Avoid placing an overhead fixture directly over the bed for this reason. Either install the overhead fixture in another area of the bedroom, or consider eliminating the overhead fixture altogether and use other lighting sources instead. Combining wall sconces, table and floor lamps and other lighting fixtures can provide an adequate ambient lighting for the bedroom.

Use Dimmer Controls

Another option for overhead lighting is to place the fixture on a dimmer so that the amount of light can be decreased for bedtime reclining, or increased if more light is needed for other activities. By using a dimmer switch, decorative chandeliers, fan lights and pendant lights can be used above the bed without being a detriment.

Keep in mind that senior citizens can require approximately three times more light than younger adults. This is an important consideration when providing ambient light to bedrooms for the elderly, for younger adults and for children. This dilemma is easily rectified by using dimmer switches.

Use Bulbs and Shades to Create Ambiance

Another detail to consider when lighting a bedroom is that this space should provide for our preparation for sleep. In this case, use colored bulbs or lamp shades in tones of orange and red in one or more fixtures near the bed. These colors are similar to firelight and can help us to begin to relax and shut down.

When planning ambient bedroom lighting, think of creating an overall background of general lighting that both sufficiently fills the space and can be comfortably controlled and adjusted.

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  1. Alpha Lights February 11, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    When it comes to a bedroom I would say you need multiple light sources that can be dimmed when necessary. This is because bedrooms are multi-functional like you say, so you may need them for sleeping, watching a film, reading or “romancing”. Not all situations need the same kind of lighting.

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