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Ways to Create Contemporary Lighting Effects

Contemporary Defined

The word ‘contemporary’ is often used when referring to interior design. However, what, exactly, does contemporary mean, and how do you create lighting effects that complement a contemporary home style? Good questions. Glad you asked!…

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How to Update Living Room Light on a Budget

There are some inexpensive ways to update and change the overall appearance of your living room without spending a bag full of cash. A little creativity using light and voila:  a brand new mood has been set. Since natural light is a great form for maintaining a good mood and healthy eyesight, try placing several […]

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Lighting Ideas for a Warm & Inviting Living Room

Let’s move into the living room now and delve into some warm and wonderful lighting ideas. The living room is a place of gathering and relaxing, so you want its ambiance to be both inviting and versatile in order to meet the needs of various activities…

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Alternatives & Additions to Overhead Dining Room Light

Normally, an overhead light fixture is positioned over the table in a dining room. However, sometimes situations dictate the need for alternative or additional lighting. Perhaps the design of the room doesn’t allow for proper center light placement over the table, or the center source of light is not sufficient to brighten the room for dining or other activities for which the room is used…

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