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Be “In the Know” About LEDs: the Future of Lighting

Lighting fixtures and bulbs containing LEDs (light emitting diodes) are growing in popularity which is causing more products to be produced and offered in the market to meet demand. Both residential and commercial lighting needs are improved by LED lighting for a wide variety of reasons. It is extremely energy efficient, puts off little heat, […]

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Even More Living Room Lighting Tips

Decorating with light is a lot of fun and is much like painting with a variety of different colors. As you contemplate different ideas to renew the look and feel of your living room, consider these additional lighting tips. Keep in mind that a living room is generally a place where various activities are carried out, therefore different lighting structures are required to meet those demanding needs…

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How to Update Living Room Light on a Budget

There are some inexpensive ways to update and change the overall appearance of your living room without spending a bag full of cash. A little creativity using light and voila:  a brand new mood has been set. Since natural light is a great form for maintaining a good mood and healthy eyesight, try placing several […]

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Illuminating Kitchen Counter Tops

The kitchen is where the majority of family time is spent, as well as a popular area for social gathering and interaction. Providing the proper lighting is essential, not only to safely and effectively prepare the many appetizers and meals, but also to create an aesthetically appealing place where you are proud to invite family and friends…

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