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Ways to Use Lighting in Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen lighting, many people make the common mistake of utilizing one central light source. What tends to happen in such cases is that homeowners have to use very bright bulbs in order to provide adequate lighting in the entire room which overwhelms both family members and visitors. Then, even at that, […]

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Proper Task Lighting for Important Kitchen Work Areas

We’ve discussed using under cabinet lighting fixtures to illuminate a kitchen countertop or island where a great deal of detailed work is carried out. However, there are other important kitchen work areas to be considered which require proper task lighting…

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Xenon Lighting for Kitchen Color Enhancement

Depending on color, fabric and material selections, some kitchens can appear a bit dull under normal overhead lighting, or even with fluorescent under cabinet lighting. This especially can be a problem for those who have decorated with deep colors, rich textures, or who have marble or granite countertops which contain intricate patterns within the stone…

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Layered Lighting Tips for the Breakfast Nook

If you have extra space in a corner of your large kitchen, creating a breakfast nook is an excellent idea. It provides a place of solace for kids to eat breakfast before school and to do homework after school, for a cup of coffee while chatting with friends, for a quiet morning newspaper read, or for a family evening of discussion or board games…

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More Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen Island

Ok. You’ve got your new overhead light fixture up and your kitchen island now sits beautifully under its radiating glow. Although this helps to illuminate and highlight the center island, there are still some creative ways to add more pleasant touches that strike even greater oohs and aahs from visitors and keep family members happily nestled in the area…

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Creating a Kitchen Island Oasis

Kitchen islands have become a common site in many homes. Not only are they a beautiful accentuation, but they make excellent usage of the extra space in the center of a larger kitchen. And because a kitchen island is usually centrally located and the first thing that catches the eye upon entering, it should be elegantly decorated and highlighted…

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Illuminating Kitchen Counter Tops

The kitchen is where the majority of family time is spent, as well as a popular area for social gathering and interaction. Providing the proper lighting is essential, not only to safely and effectively prepare the many appetizers and meals, but also to create an aesthetically appealing place where you are proud to invite family and friends…

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