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Using Light to Give Your Home an Affordable Facelift

Home renovation doesn’t necessarily require thousands of dollars to make major changes in its look. A home can be transformed quite affordably simply by using lighting techniques correctly. By changing and/or adding various fixtures and types of bulbs, you can accomplish brand new looks in drab and dreary rooms making them more attractive and inviting. […]

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A Look at Lighting Design Techniques

Another aspect of outdoor home lighting which you will want to consider when planning your light layering and landscaping is design techniques. Even though you select your units, decide what power source you want to use and even where you want to place the lighting fixtures more or less, there are some landscaping secrets which, […]

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Creating Welcoming Foyers and Entranceways with Light

Light bathes your home in brilliance, enhances its features and draws attention to your precious treasures. However, before guests have a chance to see the interior of your precious abode, they must first encounter the entranceway or foyer upon entering from the outside world. Quite often the foyer and other entranceways are ignored when it […]

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Considering a Bedroom’s Ambient Lighting

We have looked at how a bedroom is often used for numerous activities besides sleeping such as romance, dressing and grooming, relaxing, reading and even working. Due to its diversity, the bedroom requires various sources of light. Proper bedroom lighting is particularly important because most activities carried out in the bedroom are done during dark […]

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Determining Overall Bedroom Lighting Requirements

As we saw in the last post, there are many more possibilities for lighting requirements in a bedroom than a simple overhead fixture and a couple of table lamps set on either side of the bed. The bedroom can be an area for multiple activities and properly lighting this space for these activities can be […]

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Bedroom Versatility and Proper Lighting

Homeowners tend to ignore the bedroom when it comes to supplying proper lighting, considering it a place where only time is spent sleeping. However, the bedroom is actually quite versatile and can require more sources of light than simply an overhead and a couple of table lamps. Let’s explore the diverse activity options of the […]

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Creative Lighting for Native World Rooms

The Southwestern style of home décor is very popular. However, with today’s intertwining of world cultures, other native based decorating styles have risen in popularity. The exotic decoration features of African tribal décor as well as the South American cultural styles of the Aztec, Maya and Inca are similar to the Southwestern Native American décor […]

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Illuminating Texture is the Idea behind a Rustic Retreat

Rustic Defined Rustic home design has become a popular trend over the years with many people indulging in this pleasant style. The appeal of rustic furnishings is that it brings a little nature into the home, creating a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. Natural items such as stones, water fountains, woods, animal skins, rugged metals and […]

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Proper Ways to Illuminate Your French Country Home

French Country Defined The French Country style of décor is a cross between the elegant and the rustic. This attractive style adds bright, happy colors, like pinks, yellows, oranges, lavenders and light hues of blue and green, to walls, curtains and other furnishings. Floors and walls are often tiled in patterns utilizing these colors. Also, […]

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Ways to Create Contemporary Lighting Effects

Contemporary Defined

The word ‘contemporary’ is often used when referring to interior design. However, what, exactly, does contemporary mean, and how do you create lighting effects that complement a contemporary home style? Good questions. Glad you asked!…

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Decorating Your Traditional Setting with Light

We’re going to side track from specific room lighting and explore several popular decorating styles. Since lighting plays such an important part of creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, we will look at how to use lighting effectively to bring out the best in these particular styles. We’ll start out by looking at traditional home decorating and how to apply lighting to enhance that style…

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