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Beautify the Bedroom with Accent Lighting

Now that ambient lighting has been established to give an overall illumination to the bedroom, and task lighting has been placed to give additional light to reading and work areas, attention is turned to beautifying the room with accent lighting. Accent lighting is used to enhance and bring attention to objects or areas of a […]

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Illuminate Bedroom Work and Leisure with Task Lighting

Once ambient lighting has been established for the bedroom, the next step is to determine areas which require task lighting. Task lighting provides more direct light to an area that is being utilized for reading, sewing, or other forms of close work in order to better illuminate the task and to help reduce eye strain. […]

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Considering a Bedroom’s Ambient Lighting

We have looked at how a bedroom is often used for numerous activities besides sleeping such as romance, dressing and grooming, relaxing, reading and even working. Due to its diversity, the bedroom requires various sources of light. Proper bedroom lighting is particularly important because most activities carried out in the bedroom are done during dark […]

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Determining Overall Bedroom Lighting Requirements

As we saw in the last post, there are many more possibilities for lighting requirements in a bedroom than a simple overhead fixture and a couple of table lamps set on either side of the bed. The bedroom can be an area for multiple activities and properly lighting this space for these activities can be […]

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Bedroom Versatility and Proper Lighting

Homeowners tend to ignore the bedroom when it comes to supplying proper lighting, considering it a place where only time is spent sleeping. However, the bedroom is actually quite versatile and can require more sources of light than simply an overhead and a couple of table lamps. Let’s explore the diverse activity options of the […]

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