Bring Your Victorian Home to Life with Light

Victorian Defined

Victorian home design relates specifically to the elegant tastes of Queen Victoria of England, a period which lasted from 1837 to 1901. Because the Queen’s reign lasted so long, the Victorian period is actually broken down into early, mid and late periods.

Materials like velvets, intricately woven brocades and lace, both in doilies and fringe, are common for Victorian design, as are hues of gold, royal blue, burgundy, mauve and green. Period decoration accents such as porcelain dolls, period high top button shoes, hats and hat boxes, dried flowers, old musical instruments, old photos and frames, buttons, wicker items, etc are popular additions to Victorian décor.

Enhancing Victorian Beauty with Light

Of course, antique lighting fixtures and other older sources of light, like candles, kerosene lamps, etc are good additions to a Victorian home. However, although these types of light sources add character to the room, they are quite impractical for modern day use.

When it comes to lighting a Victorian style home, consider searching for modern lighting fixtures which have an old design. There are plenty of variations of models and styles on the market so finding what you need shouldn’t be too difficult. For instance, search for light fixtures which are made from or resemble wrought iron, come in wood or simulated wood housing and are designed according to Victorian period styles. Also, consider stained glass lamp shades or chandelier designs.

Other tricks to enhancing Victorian homes is to utilize blue, green or red lights in false ceiling ledges, hide floor placed spotlights so that only the light is visible and use stylish, colored glass sconces on either sides of large mirrors or pictures. Also, since antique or simulated antique cupboards and curio cabinets are commonly used to show off knickknacks, use small undercabinet lights in these to highlight your treasures.

The idea behind properly decorating a Victorian style home in light is to highlight the beautiful decorations and furnishings and to provide the needs of ambient, task and accent lighting without bringing attention to the light sources, unless they are made in a period style. Using various types of light bulbs will also help with this endeavor.

It’s a bit more difficult to properly light a Victorian home, but the efforts can be well worth the results!

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