Bedroom Versatility and Proper Lighting

Homeowners tend to ignore the bedroom when it comes to supplying proper lighting, considering it a place where only time is spent sleeping. However, the bedroom is actually quite versatile and can require more sources of light than simply an overhead and a couple of table lamps. Let’s explore the diverse activity options of the bedroom to better understand how to properly light the space.

What is the Bedroom actually used for?

The first thing we need to look at is what exactly do we use the bedroom for besides sleeping? Of course, the bedroom is our safe haven for slumber, but there are far more activities which most people use this sleeping area for, and how we illuminate the space directly depends on these activities.

Romantic rendezvous are common in the bedroom so access to low light or multiple colored lighting can make such activities more enjoyable. Reading, too, is a common practice for relaxing in the bedroom. In this case, low ambient light with a strong source of task lighting is essential.

We usually do our dressing in the bedroom as well as grooming activities such as styling hair, applying makeup and other forms of primping and preparing to meet the world. Certain types of light are required for these activities as well. There is nothing worse than to head out into the day only to discover that you’ve put on socks that don’t match, or your makeup is uneven all because there wasn’t sufficient light.

Sometimes, the bedroom is a multi-purpose room where activities such as sewing, crafting and computer work are incorporated into the room’s usage. This is especially true of children’s rooms where the bedroom is their personal oasis and multiple tasks and activities are accomplished. Proper forms of lighting are can be beneficial to healthy eyes and attitudes of growing kids.

Continue to follow along as we delve into proper lighting ideas and techniques for these diverse bedroom activities. You just may be “enlightened”!

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