Beautify the Bedroom with Accent Lighting

Now that ambient lighting has been established to give an overall illumination to the bedroom, and task lighting has been placed to give additional light to reading and work areas, attention is turned to beautifying the room with accent lighting.

Accent lighting is used to enhance and bring attention to objects or areas of a room. Although accent lighting fixtures are themselves often fancy and attractive, the focus of the lighting fixture is to bring out the beauty of an object it illuminates. Both the light and the shadows cast by that light are the desired effects of accent lighting.

Accent Lighting for Wall Hung Objects

Pieces of framed and unframed artwork as well as photographs are often used to beautify and balance the empty spaces on bedroom walls. However, the attractiveness of such pieces is lost if they are not adequately lit. This is particularly true of a bedroom which tends to be used only at night.

For large wall-hung works of art, picture lights can be purchased like what are used at galleries. These are designed to stand out from the painting and project light directly onto it, enhancing the colors used.

You can also utilize recessed swivel puck lights which install in the ceiling and can be angled to direct the light onto the painting. These are nice because of their swivel feature which allows you to use them for other purposes as well. Spotlights placed on the ceiling, floor, around the painting or on a nearby adjacent wall could also do the trick.

Sconce lights are quite popular for accent lighting. They are normally used in pairs and can be placed on either side of a mirror, wall-hung photo or painting, or either side of a bed or doorway.

Accent Lighting for Floor Pieces

Statues, plants and various kinds of antique or unique furnishings can be highlighted various ways. Floor or ceiling placed spotlights might give the desired effect, as would recessed lights installed in the ceiling.

The most diverse lighting option would be to utilize a track light system on the bedroom ceiling. Individual track light units can be moved along the track from one place to another and swiveled to practically every angle. They can also be equipped with various bulbs of color and brightness to provide different effects, thus meeting various bedroom lighting needs.

As you plan the beautification of your bedroom, keep in mind that accent lighting should be brighter than other forms of lighting sources in the room in order to give the desired effects.

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