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Using Light to Give Your Home an Affordable Facelift

Home renovation doesn’t necessarily require thousands of dollars to make major changes in its look. A home can be transformed quite affordably simply by using lighting techniques correctly. By changing and/or adding various fixtures and types of bulbs, you can accomplish brand new looks in drab and dreary rooms making them more attractive and inviting. […]

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Improve Bathroom Lighting With These Helpful Tips

When it comes to adequately lighting a room, there are basically three types of lighting which can be used. General lighting provides a blanket layer of light throughout the room and generally comes from a central, overhead lighting source. Accent lighting comes from fixtures used to highlight certain items or spaces, or to add a […]

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Be “In the Know” About LEDs: the Future of Lighting

Lighting fixtures and bulbs containing LEDs (light emitting diodes) are growing in popularity which is causing more products to be produced and offered in the market to meet demand. Both residential and commercial lighting needs are improved by LED lighting for a wide variety of reasons. It is extremely energy efficient, puts off little heat, […]

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Nifty Tricks for Adding Light to Your Home

Natural sunlight beaming through the windows of a home and basking everything in its light is a pleasure to the eyes as well as the mind. However, when the sun goes down, the need for artificial light arises so activities can be continued. If you’re looking to add more light to your home, or are […]

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Ways to Use Lighting in Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen lighting, many people make the common mistake of utilizing one central light source. What tends to happen in such cases is that homeowners have to use very bright bulbs in order to provide adequate lighting in the entire room which overwhelms both family members and visitors. Then, even at that, […]

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Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are not only great lighting ideas, but they also add an artistic splash of beauty to your home. Sconces can be used as aesthetically pleasing placements of wall art as well as for casting playful shadows across walls, furniture and room decorations. Adding a dimmer switch increases the effect of varying moods according […]

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A Look at Lighting Design Techniques

Another aspect of outdoor home lighting which you will want to consider when planning your light layering and landscaping is design techniques. Even though you select your units, decide what power source you want to use and even where you want to place the lighting fixtures more or less, there are some landscaping secrets which, […]

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Light Sources for Outdoor Home Use

When it comes to actually choosing outdoor light fixtures, you will find that there are various selections available. Which fixtures you choose will depend on several factors: energy conservation, power, safety, ease of use and low maintenance. Following are the major kinds of lighting fixture sources, how they operate and the guidelines which each entails. […]

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Types of Outdoor Home Lighting

When it comes to outdoor home lighting, there are various considerations which must be taken into account. The types of fixtures used is a main concern, but also where these fixtures are to be placed will make a great difference in how your home looks, safety for those visiting your home and security that keeps […]

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Outdoor Home Lighting Tips

Outdoor lighting holds a great deal of importance in many ways. First of all, outdoor lighting creates the mood for the exterior of your home and is the first impression provided to those passing or visiting your home. Secondly, key lighting fixtures provide both safety for those approaching your home and security from those infringing […]

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Tips for Turning a Dark Den into an Enjoyable Space

A den is normally a place where relaxation in many forms occurs. It can be used by the family to watch TV or movies and play board games, or it can be a quiet escape to read a book or do a crossword puzzle. Dens are also commonly used to entertain a few guests or […]

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Liven Up Your Hallway with These Lighting Ideas

Hallways, like entranceways, are often ignored when it comes to proper and attractive lighting. Usually, they are equipped with only a single, traditional bulb or small fixture placed in the center of the long expanse which is meant to light the entire space. This is a problem because hallways are often either one of the […]

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Creating Welcoming Foyers and Entranceways with Light

Light bathes your home in brilliance, enhances its features and draws attention to your precious treasures. However, before guests have a chance to see the interior of your precious abode, they must first encounter the entranceway or foyer upon entering from the outside world. Quite often the foyer and other entranceways are ignored when it […]

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Beautify the Bedroom with Accent Lighting

Now that ambient lighting has been established to give an overall illumination to the bedroom, and task lighting has been placed to give additional light to reading and work areas, attention is turned to beautifying the room with accent lighting. Accent lighting is used to enhance and bring attention to objects or areas of a […]

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Illuminate Bedroom Work and Leisure with Task Lighting

Once ambient lighting has been established for the bedroom, the next step is to determine areas which require task lighting. Task lighting provides more direct light to an area that is being utilized for reading, sewing, or other forms of close work in order to better illuminate the task and to help reduce eye strain. […]

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