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Deck Your Home with Holiday Lighting

The holidays are a joyous time of the year when many of the burdens of life can be temporarily set aside and focus can be turned more to family, friends and a spirit of celebration. The holiday season is a therapy for many as folks set out to walk or drive around neighborhoods to enjoy homes that are decked out with colorful holiday lighting. Even though the current economic pressures are burdening, there are various ways to join in this wonderful time and express your own holiday cheer for the world to see…

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Alternatives & Additions to Overhead Dining Room Light

Normally, an overhead light fixture is positioned over the table in a dining room. However, sometimes situations dictate the need for alternative or additional lighting. Perhaps the design of the room doesn’t allow for proper center light placement over the table, or the center source of light is not sufficient to brighten the room for dining or other activities for which the room is used…

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Creative Lighting Ideas for a Versatile Dining Room

In the not-so-distant past, many families used the dining room much more than people do today. However, even then, many meals were eaten in front of the television and, actually, as time went by more and more meals left the family aura of the dining room and shifted to the den where broadcast entertainment substituted for family chatter. So, what has become of the dining room?

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