Archive | October, 2010

Creating a Kitchen Island Oasis

Kitchen islands have become a common site in many homes. Not only are they a beautiful accentuation, but they make excellent usage of the extra space in the center of a larger kitchen. And because a kitchen island is usually centrally located and the first thing that catches the eye upon entering, it should be elegantly decorated and highlighted…

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Illuminating Kitchen Counter Tops

The kitchen is where the majority of family time is spent, as well as a popular area for social gathering and interaction. Providing the proper lighting is essential, not only to safely and effectively prepare the many appetizers and meals, but also to create an aesthetically appealing place where you are proud to invite family and friends…

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Light: The Energy That Creates Our World

We have a tendency to take for granted that the beautiful colors, styles, textures and arrangements which we see in our homes is due to the wonderful substance of light. Without the emanating and reflecting energy of light, our world would be colorless and dark, without form and void…

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