The Mark 10™ Powerline Solution...

About the Mark 10 Powerline Dimmable Electronic Ballast
The Mark 10 Powerline from Advance and now available in select Brodwax fluorescent lighting fixtures makes fluorescent dimming systems as fast and easy to install as incandescent systems — while being up to 80% more energy efficient.The Mark 10 Powerline ballast's programmed-start design optimizes lamp and dimming performance by constantly monitoring system performance and making continuous adjustments. Plus the 10 Powerline does not have to ramp up to full light output and then dim. The ballast will start lamps at the 5% dim level, increasing comfort levels for area occupants.

Features and benefits include:
Easy, cost-effective, 2-wire installation
• Compatible controls from 30+ manufacturers
• Models for both compact and linear lamps
• 2-wire, powerline dimming — from 100% to 5% — including 3-lamp fixtures
• Reliable Advance quality, backed by a 5-year warranty

Use Mark 10 Powerline when you’re looking for…
• Spot dimming solutions
• Easy retrofits
• Low installation cost alternatives
• Fast results and paybacks
• Dimming in difficult areas, such as high-ceiling lobby areas
• Cost-effective applications, such as conference rooms and audio/visual areas
• Simplified dimming systems that provide individual control in individual offices
• Controllable architectural lighting, such as indirect cove lighting
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